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Since we are constantly On-The-Go teaching throughout the inland northwest. Communication via Text and E-mail are best. 

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Simple, Useful, and Fun                                  Health & Safety Training In The Inland Northwest!

Jeremy S. Siegler has raised the bar and has set the standard in the CPR Training & Development Industry since 1991. He created A.L.E.R.T. Inc. (Affordable & Local Emergency Response Training Inc.) in 2003 to support a clear need for a mobile Hands-On CPR & First Aid training service (based out the Coeur d' Alene, ID/Spokane, WA area) that would bring a convenient safety training solution to the client's workplace.  This Non-Profit Organization was created with the understanding that HR Departments and Businesses Owners wanted a simple, flexible, and inexpensive training solution to make complying with city, state and federal regulations easy and cost effective.

American Heart Association Guidelines                                OSHA/WISHA credentialed training

What Makes Our Training Classes Unique:

- Over 30 years of Health & Safety Education Experience! (Commercial, Private and Government)
- 100% Hands-On Instruction! (Creates a Compelling Training Experience)
- 1:1 Student to Manikin Ratio (Laerdal/Brayden)
- Real-time Skill Performance Feedback (Fast-paced and Fun)
- No Boring Instructors! (Entertaining and Professional)
- Fun, Relaxed & Easy-To-Learn Instruction (Student-Centered Courses)
- Certification Cards issued the Same Day As Training (Digital or Traditional)
- Digital Download of Student Manuals (No Extra Book Fees)
- Insured & Licensed as a Health and Safety Training Provider (City, State and Nationally)
- Combo Topic Sessions! (All Training Needs Taken Care Of For One Low Price)
- No Time Consuming Sessions! (Streamline/High Retention Courses)​​​​​​​

       Instructor Development Classes held Year-Round!  Learn-to-Teach!